FairMate OnlineShop

After registering and creating their account (by hand or via social login), visitors can view and buy tickets in the FairMate OnlineShop. A wide range of payment options can be integrated with FairMate; the OnlineShop supports credit cards as well as many other global and national payment providers. We are also happy to manage your clearing for you!

With FairMate, you can define quotas on tickets to create a sense of buying urgency among your customers. Through clever use of discounted tickets and limited availability, pre-sale volumes can be increased,  thereby reducing the amount of cash registers required on site. Visitors with an online or mobile ticket have direct admission to the event while those without can register on site and buy their ticket at the FairMate Cashier.

Adding tickets and creating promotions at short notice is possible at any time,  also during an event. FairMate Reports produces important statistics like the number of tickets sold or revenue, all clearly presented on the Dashboard. Current sales volumes can be compared to previous events and help you to react to emerging trends, even just days before the event.
FairMate supports several different ticket formats: Print@Home, regular QR codes on mobile phones and more advanced mobile ticket standards such as Passbook.
The FairMate OnlineShop can be used for all devices such as desktop, tablet and smartphone.
The OnlineShop, like all FairMate modules, supports multiple languages and every existing character set  (e.g. Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic). Like all our products, the OnlineShop is a white label solution that can integrate your corporate design.

FairMate OnlineShop at a glance

Built specifically for trade fairs
Design of your choice (white label)
Mobile tickets (Passbook, PassWallet)
Includes mobile registration and ticket purchase
Multi language support
Reliable planning through early online sales
Social Login
Act as tickets for the local public transportation network