Benefits for Marketing

Successful campaigns and more

FairMate CRM collects all important data from registrations and legitimizations, as well as information drawn from social logins, visitor questionnaires, and additional data from external sources. This combined knowledge can be used for targeted campaigns during any phase of your communication plan – before, during and after events. FairMate is your tool for successful marketing: Supported by valid and current visitor data, the effectiveness of your sales approaches and marketing campaigns can be increased.

The mailing functionality of FairMate CRM allows you to plan campaigns aimed at visitors in advance. You can define dynamic recipient groups that automatically update themselves based on the latest data just before a mailing goes out. Always having access to the latest data means that you can react quickly to developing trends.

FairMate can also improve your marketing strategy for upcoming events. For instance, it is easy to find and contact visitors who registered for but did not attend an event.

Market research
You want to know who your visitors are, when they arrived at your event and what kind of ticket they bought? FairMate can answer all your questions. You have access to a host of figures and statistics that help you to respond to your visitor's needs and improve the success of your event.

Your benefits

Valid visitor data
Targeted campaigns
Efficient marketing
Conduct market research
Increase customer satisfaction