Benefits for Management

Costs, revenues and innovation

The detailed data analyses delivered by FairMate can aid managers in developing new strategies for their events in order to equip themselves for the future. Furthermore, FairMate can provide overviews of all important event data like revenue, visitor numbers and places of origin immediately on request. These up-to-date data support decision-making processes and can be used to launch spontaneous marketing campaigns.

FairMate automates a lot of processes, such as invoicing for tickets and vouchers, saving you valuable time and allowing you to use your personnel resources effectively.

FairMate is more than just a tool to help you keep your present and future events on track. It also meets the growing demands of your visitors regarding modern technologies such as social media marketing, social logins, mobile applications and sharing functionality.

FairMate has been tried and tested on many occasions. Our solution was built specifically with trade fairs in mind and has received certificates from several official bodies. FairMate, made by dimedis, is continuously being optimised in close cooperation with our partners and customers in the trade fair business.

Your Benefits

Accurate data for successful business strategies
Keep track of revenue and attendance figures
Mobile and responsive applications available
alle Anwendungen auch mobil und responsive
Satisfy the needs of a new generation of visitors