FairMate Business Intelligence

FairMate Business Intelligence visualizes complex data and is thus your central information point. FairMate Business Intelligence makes the data easy to understand and brings all statistics and information that is relevant for you together at a glance on a dashboard – also on mobile devices. This new solution is one of a kind on the market! Your staff in different departments thus receive the important information for their area of responsibility and hence quickly make well-founded decisions. Thanks to its sophisticated rights management concept, FairMate Business Intelligence enables you to precisely control the access rights to all reports and statistics among various groups of employees.

FairMate Business Intelligence visualizes the comprehensive data of all FairMate modules and is able to add further data sources such as SAP, Google Analytics and external databases. The integration of the visualisation software Tableau provides you with a uniform visualisation of the data and the combination of various statistics, tailored to your needs and just in time! FairMate Business Intelligence provides you with individual analyses so that you can successfully plan your business!

FairMate Business Intelligence delivers the quantity of tickets sold, visitor flows, first-time admissions for each day, mailing statistics and much more besides. For the concluding press conference, for example, you thus receive an overview of the visitor numbers immediately, which is displayed together with additional statistics. You can compare the number of advanced sales with those of previous events and are thus able to better plan the admission process on the spot.

FairMate Business Intelligence quickly and reliably delivers all relevant data for your FKM certification by the Society for Voluntary Control of Trade Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM). The intuitive dashboard stands out due to well-presented and clear reports. It is available for all end devices and can be customized to suit your corporate design.

FairMate Business Intelligence at a glance

All comprehensive statistics at a glance – irrespective of the source
Reports for your FKM audit
Dashboard can be customised – visualisation for all analyses thanks to Tableau
Sophisticated rights management with different access rights