FairMate is the all-round solution for your visitor management system. We support you with our services during both the project and the operating phase.
Our services include consultancy and planning, implementation, configuration, training courses, and support via phone and e-mail. We also support your team on the spot and during assembly and disassembly. We would be happy to work together with you to find the best way to integrate FairMate in your processes and tailor the system to meet your requirements.

Project phase

Consultancy & planning
Right from the start, we provide you with competent consulting services and develop a concept to suit your ticketing, visitor management and admission needs. Our consultancy services support you during the analysis and the optimization of your business processes. We collect and analyze information on the changes you require and suggest made-to-measure solutions. We help you optimize your processes to allow you to ideally organize your visitor management using FairMate. Furthermore, we are able take on the entire project management during the project phase, thus providing you with a comprehensive solution including implementation from a single source!

During the implementation phase we take care of the installation of the systems as well the implementation of FairMate. This also includes the development of individual interfaces with your existing systems. FairMate is an off-the-shelf solution. In addition, we provide a custom software-development service to cater for special needs.

Training courses
We would be glad to train the staff from all your departments to ensure they are able to use FairMate successfully. User training courses for your IT, marketing and accounting departments impart methodological skills and the requisite know-how needed to fully exploit FairMate's potential.

Operating phase

Configuration of trade fairs
Our trade fair services cover the set-up of ticket offices as well as the installation of the cash registers on-site and the hardware configuration of the admission system.
You can, of course, set up all the systems independently using the FairMate ConfigTool. As an additional service, we would be happy to assist you with the configuration of the individual trade fair events.

dimedis provides you with comprehensive support to answer all your questions. You can contact us by phone from 9am to 5pm! This support is a standard part of your package. Furthermore, we offer a ticketing system via e-mail and, optionally, a weekend support service if required.

On-the-spot service
We guarantee the operation of your system and the provision of support on the spot by providing a comprehensive support service for your IT. This comprises system monitoring and support on all questions regarding hardware and systems.

Assembly and disassembly
We would be happy to take on the responsibility for all issues regarding logistics, and assembly and disassembly of hardware as well as storage. This includes the care and maintenance of the hardware.