FairMate CustomerSupport

FairMate CustomerSupport is a collection of tools designed to support your customer service. CustomerSupport interfaces directly with your accounting software and enables you to view and handle ticket orders, cancellations and invoicing.

The payment help desk has access to clearing data. Repayments and open items can be viewed and processed in the event of a full or partial cancellation. The e-ticket help desk can view and amend ticket orders, update personal data like names and addresses and reissue lost tickets. The help desk can also check vouchers to see if and when they have been redeemed, for instance to resolve problems with voucher codes that might have been used multiple times.
Since FairMate CustomerSupport handles sensitive payment data, it comes with a comprehensive rights management, enabling you to define precisely which employee can view or process which data.

FairMate CustomerSupport at a glance

Your central customer service tool
Efficient processing of cancellations
Linked to accounting and payment clearing systems
Voucher control
Comprehensive rights management