FairMate CMS

FairMate CMS enables you to efficiently manage the editorial part of your ticket shops and event websites. You can edit the default copy for all your shops or create individual content for each event; you can greet registered users on personalised pages protected with logins and import data from many different interfaces. FairMate CMS supports modern web technologies like HTML5, AJAX and Responsive Design.

Shops, websites and newsletters: FairMate CMS incorporates every editorial aspect of your customer communication. Create and manage content, images, downloads and links with just a few clicks. The system includes a multi-step account and rights management and supports multi-step publishing workflows. Like any FairMate module, FairMate CMS supports multilingual content in any given language and character set.

FairMate CMS at a glance

Full text search
Multi-step publishing workflows
Supports HTML5 and Responsive Design
Central tool for shops, websites and newsletters
Personalised web pages with individual logins