Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH relies on FairMate

Hamburg Messe und Congress uses the ticketing and entrance system FairMate from dimedis – The soft- and hardware integration for all trade fairs is now complete – FairMate LeadTracking for INTERNORGA

Cologne, June 21, 2019 – Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (HMC) is relying on FairMate, the comprehensive entrance and visitor management solution from dimedis for trade fairs and events. After thorough testing, FairMate was able to prevail against the competition and now controls Hamburg Messe und Congress’s entire ticketing, entrance and visitor management system. The order was placed in 2016 and the integration has now been completed for all trade fairs. The large trade fairs held at the HMC include INTERNORGA, SMM as well as WindEnergy Hamburg.

FairMate covers the entire process from registration through ticket offices and voucher management to cash registers and entrance solutions on-site. Besides a FairMate exhibitor portal, HMC will also use the FairMate modules MobileShop, ConfigTool, Cashier/Helpdesk, MobileEntry, Entry, SocialLogin and SelfCheckIn. The Hamburg Messe und Congress offers its exhibitors the Leadtracking App and already used this during the INTERNORGA, which took place from the 15th to the 19th of March.

Hamburg Messe und Congress relies on the hard- and software solution FairMate for its entrance and visitor management (source: Hamburg Messe und Congress / Rolf Otzipka)

With a total hall area of 87,000 m2, Hamburg Messe und Congress is a modern exhibition ground in a location that is unique from a logistics perspective. It lies right in the middle of Hamburg – the expanding metropolis on the water, considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a flourishing economy, green, rich in culture and traditions, with an excellent quality of life and good prospects for the future.

The Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), one of the largest congress centers in Europe, is only a few minutes walk from the Hamburg Messe exhibition ground. Extensive modernization and conversion work has been under way since January 2017. With an exhibition area of 12,000 m2, a foyer area of 12,000 m2 and 12,000 seats in up to 50 halls, after 2020 the new CCH will be ideally set up to cater for the varying requirements of modern congresses and events.

To meet the needs of its new customer, HMC, dimedis has added new functions to FairMate. Thus, the completely redesigned FairMate Entry is being used as an admission control system for the first time. For Hamburg Messe, dimedis also implemented a comprehensive exhibitor portal that allows digital and printed vouchers to be ordered, and a complete exhibitor shop that enables exhibitor passes to be ordered and LeadTracking licenses to be marketed.

Hamburg Messe und Congress uses the redesigned FairMate Entry in maritime blue for admission control (source: Hamburg Messe und Congress / Rolf Otzipka)

Alexander Strack, head of exhibitor and visitor services at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, talks about the decision to use FairMate: "Using FairMate, we have further improved the high service quality of our events and of the trade fair location in Hamburg. The system make things at lot easier for our customers – with regard to access control, ticketing and visitor management for example.”

Digital marketing, ticket sales and data management have been substantially improved and are now faster. A revised reporting system results in significantly improved measurability – for example, of visitor's interests – and thus enables HMC to provide more efficient services. Since INTERNORGA 2017 a number of functions have been added to the system, also in the area of invitation management. These make it easier and faster for exhibitors and visitors to form networks, exchange information, and arrange to meet, both before and during the trade fair.

"The strategic partnership with HMC is yet another chapter in our company's ongoing success story. We are looking forward to an ideal long-term partnership with Hamburg Messe und Congress. FairMate is the ideal solution for all trade fairs that want to digitalize their processes in the long term,” explains Thorsten Klein, head of trade fair solutions at dimedis.

FairMate ensures modern visitor management at Hamburg Messe und Congress (source: Hamburg Messe und Congress / Michael Zapf)

About Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH
Hamburg Messe und Congress is a full-service provider with outstanding service in organizing and conducting national and international exhibitions and conferences. 87,000 square meters of hall space at one of the most advanced exhibition sites in the world with an outstanding location for ideal logistics. Right at the center of Hamburg – a growing city, and one of the most beautiful in the world. With a flourishing economy in a green setting, rich in culture and tradition, with excellent quality of life and good prospects for the future.
Located just a few minutes‘ walk from the Hamburg Messe fair site, the CCH ‒ Congress Center Hamburg is one of Europe’s biggest convention centers. It has been undergoing comprehensive modernization and remodeling since January 2017. With 12,000 sqm of exhibition space, 12,000 sqm of foyer space and 12,000 seats in up to 50 halls, the new CCH will be an ideal venue for the varying requirements of today's conventions and events when it reopens in 2020.
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