FairMate Business Intelligence: Collecting and visualizing the wealth of data generated by trade fairs

FairMate with business intelligence solution for trade fairs – Cooperation with Tableau in order to visualize statistics – With new team member Julian Cortemme, dimedis creates expertise in the trending topic Big Data

Cologne, March 19, 2019 – The software company dimedis is equipping the entrance and visitor management solution FairMate with a business intelligence module. In addition, dimedis is cooperating with the solution provider Tableau in order to provide trade fairs with the means to visualize relevant data and interrelationships on a dashboard. This includes industry trends and factors that lead to the success of a trade fair event.
Increasing digitalization is producing a growing plethora of data, and trade fairs are no exception here. Trade fairs generate a very large quantity of data – an enormous wealth of data, too much data to allow a complete and comprehensible overview. Analyzing, evaluating and visualizing this data is the job of Business Intelligence.
dimedis has brought data analyst Julian Cortemme into the company as the new expert in this field. With many years’ experience in data science and as a consultant in this field, his task will be to create new synergies and to help trade fair customers make operational and strategic decisions using FairMate Business Intelligence. By creating automated reports including visualizations, he works together with the customers to derive recommendation for action, advises them on the use of FairMate Business Intelligence and further develops the reporting system with the involvement of said customers.
FairMate Business Intelligence delivers important key figures at different point of times: "before the trade fair", "during the trade fair" and "after the trade fair", including an immediate comparison to the last time this trade fair was held. Different sources of data such as data gathered from registrations, the ticket office, admissions and departures, structural questions or movement data permit a comprehensive insight into all aspects of the trade fair. Tableau allows these complex interrelationships between data to be visualized in a pleasing and user-friendly way. FairMate Business Intelligence helps trade fairs search for correlations among very diverse data, reveals trends, and facilitates the comparison of data from different years.

FairMate Business Intelligence visualizes, for example, developments in ticket and voucher sales, and allows comparisons to be made. Visualization via Tableau. (Source: dimedis)

Advantages of business intelligence for trade fairs
Trade fairs are becoming marketplaces for data. Externally, they are becoming brokers for contacts and trends in the digital world. Internally, they are optimizing the planning, customer contact, and finally the resources. An exact comparison of the advanced sales with those recorded the last time a trade fair was held makes it possible to take necessary measures quickly; live data provide certainty during the event and make it easier to react to negative developments at an early stage. Using FairMate Business Intelligence, trade fairs are able to analyze their visitor’s data in anonymous form and in compliance with data privacy regulations. With the aid of forecasts, they recognize current trends and react to them in an active way.

With FairMate Business Intelligence, trade fairs have a clear overview of admissions to the trade fair in real time and in comparison to early events. Visualization via Tableau. (Source: dimedis)

Julian Cortemme, the new data analyst at dimedis, talks about FairMate Business Intelligence and his plans for the future: “FairMate Business Intelligence visualizes complex data and is thus the central information point for trade fairs. The product enables our customers to easily understand the data and collects relevant statistics and information from all connected FairMate modules and external sources in a data warehouse and visualizes these with Tableau in an easily understandable form. The trade fair staff from different departments thus receive the information that is important for their area of responsibility and are hence able to make well-founded decisions quickly. In this way, the trade fairs are able to collect a wealth of data and turn their findings into hard cash. During my work I concentrate on using dimedis’s own trade fair know-how as well as well as the customer’s ideas in order to continuously further develop FairMate BI for our customers.”

Using FairMate Business Intelligence, it is possible to analyze interrelationships between a wide range of data and also to profitability evaluate information derived from the structural questions. Visualization via Tableau. (Source: dimedis)

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