FairMate Reports

FairMate consolidates and presents all your relevant statistics clearly on a mobile-optimised dashboard. Your staff can access important information applicable to their department or area of responsibility, allowing them to make informed and quick decisions.

FairMate Reports delivers metrics such as total ticket sales, visitor flows, daily first entries, mailing statistics, click rates in your ticket shops and many more. Having these figures readily available has many benefits. For instance, you could present actual visitor numbers at the concluding press conference or quickly visualise any given statistics. Compare advance ticket sales figures with those of previous events to help you plan the on-site entry better.

FairMate Reports produces all relevant data for your FKM audit (certification for trade fair statistics) quickly and reliably. The easy to us Dashboard creates clear and well-designed reports. It is optimised for most mobile devices and can be adapted to your corporate design.

FairMate Reports at a glance

Comprehensive statistics available anywhere, anytime
Reports for your FKM audit
Users can bookmark statistics and create personalised dashboards